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Each day, we rely on hot water for everything from ensuring our dishes are clean to making sure our showers are relaxing and luxurious. When you experience an unexpected interruption in hot water flow, Guardian Plumbers is here to help. Our team is expertly trained, certified, and properly licensed to work on both residential and commercial water heaters. Plus, we are insured for your protection and peace of mind.

Since 2003, Guardian Plumbers has served residents and business owners throughout the Vista area with affordable, quality plumbing services. Specializing in water heater installation, repair, and maintenance services, our expert local plumbers will work hard to keep the hot water flowing.


Our Services

  • Residential Water Heater Service
  • Emergency Water Heater Repair
  • Electric Water Heaters
  • Insta-hot / On-demand Water Heaters
  • Power Vent / Direct Vent Water Heaters
  • Commercial Water Heater Service
  • Gas Water Heaters
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Boilers
  • And More!


Guardian Plumbers is here for all your commercial and residential water heater repair and installation needs. From tankless water heaters to traditional gas water heaters, we do it all! We take pride in offering affordable prices backed by exceptional customer service and industry leading warranties. Call us today for expert Vista water heater services!



  • Gas Water Heaters

    Vista Gas Water Heaters

    At Guardian Plumbers, we are experts when it comes to gas water heaters. Gas water heaters are the most common type of residential water heaters in the Vista area. Our highly trained water heater technicians have the necessary experience to handle any of your gas water heater needs, including water heater repairs, maintenance, installation, and replacement.

    There are a several benefits to gas water heaters. Gas heats the water heater tank up to the desired temperature about twice as fast as electric water heaters do. Additionally, heating water in a gas water heaters typically costs less than half of what it costs for an electric water heater to produce the same amount of hot water.

    Typically, natural gas water heaters are very reliable. Compared with electric water heaters, they recuperate with hot water about 40% faster. Gas water heaters are also more energy efficient when compared to electric water heaters. 

    If your Vista area home or business has a gas water heater need, call the water heater pros at Guardian Plumbers. Our water heater experts are ready and able to assist you with all types of gas water heater issues. If you are considering a new gas water heater, our pros will be able to answer any questions you may have as well as inform you about the newest, most energy efficient gas water heaters on the market.

    Contact Guardian Plumbers at 760-307-4226 today to receive an estimate for your Vista area gas water heater needs!

  • Electric Water Heaters

    Vista Electric Water Heaters

    If you have a need for electric water heater installation, repair, maintenance, or replacement, you have come to the right place! At Guardian Plumbers, electric water heaters are one of our specialties. While gas water heaters are the most common types of water heaters, our water heater technicians are also experts in repairing and installing electric water heaters throughout the Vista area. 

    Often times, where natural gas is not readily available in Vista, electric water heaters can represent an effective and reliable alternative. Energy costs are often higher when using an electric water heater compared with a gas water heater. However, electric water heaters often have a superior design, are easier and more affordable to install, are easier to maintain, and last longer. When considering the total cost of ownership and operation of an electric water heater, they often can be more affordable than gas water heaters in the long run. 

    Electric water heaters are made in more shapes, sizes, styles, and efficiencies than ever before. At Guardian Plumbers, we are the leaders in electric water heater installation and maintenance for the Vista area. If you are considering an electric water heater, ask one of our electric water heater professionals about your many energy efficient options.

    Contact us today at 760-307-4226 to receive an estimate for your Vista area electric water heater needs!

  • Water Heater Repair

    Water Heater Repair Vista

    At Guardian Plumbers, we are experts when it comes to water heater repair. Whether your Vista area home or business has an electric, gas, tankless, or other type of water heater, our trained water heater technicians are ready to solve your water heater problems

    We understand that your water heater is easy to forget about unless until it suddenly stops performing properly. While we can repair just about any water heater problem you might be experiencing, we recommend that you have your water heater on a regular maintenance schedule. By doing this, your water heater will function better, will use less energy, and will last longer. 

    The water heater pros at Guardian Plumbers are experienced in the repair and maintenance of all brands and sizes of water heaters that you might find in your Vista area home. Our highly trained water heater technicians are ready to diagnose your water heater issue and quickly solve even the toughest of water heater repairs.

    Call 760-307-4226 today for expert Vista water heater repair services.

  • Water Heater Installation

    Water Heater Installation Vista

    If your water heater is old and out of commission, you have come to the right place! Guardian Plumbers specializes in water heater replacement and installation throughout the Vista area. We can supply and install a variety of different quality hot water systems that will perform year after year - and our priority is to install the best type of water heater for your needs. Whether its a tankless or a gas tank type or an electric water heater - there are positives and negatives to each type. Let the pros at Guardian Plumbers go thru the options with you and help you choose the one that will perform the best in your Vista home. 

    The highly trained water heater technicians at Guardian Plumbers can inform you regarding the various options on the market, including tankless, gas, electric, various levels of energy efficiency, various warranties, various heating speeds, and much more.

    At Guardian Plumbers, professional water heater installation professionals have years of experience and are ready an able to assist you in your choice of which type of water heater is best for your Vista area home or business.

    If you have an old water heater that is causing you problems, It may be time to consider a new, more efficient water heater. The water heater experts at Guardian Plumbers will discuss many things to think about as you make your choice as to what is the best water heater for your Vista area home, including:

    • How long the various types of water heaters last
    • Energy efficiencies of various water heater types
    • The potential benefits of a tankless water heater
    • Environmental issues
    • Water heater safety issues
    • And much more!


    Contact Guardian Plumbers at 760-307-4226 today to receive an estimate for your Vista water heater replacement needs.

  • Tankless Water Heaters

    Vista Tankless Water Heater Installation and Repair

    The lifetime of most traditional water heaters is about 10 years. If you have a water heater in your Vista area home or business that is over 10 years old, it's possible that you have already noticed that your water heater has significant inefficiencies or that it needs to be replaced. At Guardian Plumbers, we are experts in tankless water heaters. Our water heater technicians are among the most trained in the Vista area, and are prepared to handle any of your water heater needs, from small repairs to water heater replacement.

    It is important that your water heaters be installed by a licensed plumber. If a water heater is not not installed properly, it could pose as a serious threat to the safety of you and your home.

    Many Vista area residents are interested in the benefits of tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters provide many benefits, including:

    • Endless Hot Water: With a tankless water heater, you will never run out of hot water again. Your tankless water heater will provide as much instant, on-demand hot water as you will want or need.

    • Long Lasting: Tankless water heaters last longer than a traditional tank water heaters. Tankless water heaters can last up to 25 years or more while a traditional tank water heater usually only lasts about 10 years.

    • Lower Energy Bills: With a tankless water heater you will save on your energy bills. Typically, people see a 10% to 20% reduction in energy consumption as compared to a traditional tank water heater.

    • Save Space: Because tankless water heaters are small and compact, they take up much less room in your home. Tankless water heaters typically hang right on the wall out of the way, often in the attic. This allows your family to reclaim the space that used to house that old big tank water heater.

    • High Water Volume: Tankless water heaters can handle the hot water demands of even the largest homes.

    • Cleaner Water: Because water is heated as it passes through a tankless water heater, you will always be using a fresh supply of water. As traditional tank water heaters age, they can rust and build-up scale inside the tank that stores your hot water.


    Contact us today at 760-307-4226 to receive an estimate for your Vista area water heater project!

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  • I found this company in my local news paper listing something i don't usually do. They sent out Mr Ricky Lopez this guy was awesome he took care of our clogged drain and made my wife and i very happy with his work. I have been in the property management business for 20 years and i have yet to encounter a plumber with such a pleasant personalty. I highly recommend this company as i will use them in the future for our plumbing needs.

    Norman L.
  • My brother-in-law noticed a leak in the cabinets under the guest bathroom on Sinday night. I called Guardian Plumbers 8:30 Monday morning and Mr. Davis arrived about an hour later. Less than an hour later two high quality valves, superior to the failed ones my previous plumber installed, were in place. No muss no fuss, fast and very easy and at a low, very fair price compated to my previous plumber, No bill padding here at all. I couldn't be happier and intend to call on Guardian Plumbers in the future.

    Richard E.
  • We all need a plumber sometime and I have used many over the years BUT THESE PEOPLE ARE THE BEST!!!! FRIENDLY, PROMPT, COURTEOUS, and the rates are reasonable. Seriously, call them...you won't regret it. dona in Rainbow

    Dona A.
  • I had a clogged sink in my kitchen and have been dealing with it since Saturday. I had a plumber come out on Sunday to clear it. Seemed to be working but the next day it was worse. Called the plumber from about 11:30 AM to 7PM...absolutely no response...unbelievable! Today I called Guardian Plumbers and I was so impressed with them...they fixed my sink at a really fair price and even took $10 off because of all my troubles! I definitely will call them with any plumbing needs and will recommend them to anyone! Thank you for renewing my faith in American companies!!

    Fari G.
  • I am so glad I called Guardian Plumbers! The plumber (Ricky) arrived at the scheduled time and got right to work. He was courteous, very informative and patiently answered all of my questions. Ricky was extremely professional and fixed the problem in no time at all . I would not hesitate to call guardian plumbers again if needed or to refer them to family/friends.

    M. N.
  • These guys were great I had some sewer lines start to back up in My home Temecula and they came out within 2 hrs and routed the lines. They were fast professional and didn't skip a beat.if your all about supporting local family business call Guardian Plumbers for any plumbing needs ask for Matt or Kirsten great people .

    Hamid H.
  • I busted a pipe doing DIY, and Jesse Arviso came out and fixed it fast. To me it seemed like a tough and expensive fix but it was really affordable and Jesse made the fix seem easy. Thanks, I'll be calling them next time I mess up a DIY again.

    Nick T.
  • So we've been in Wildomar for 11 years, had many different trades to our home for various service calls & been quite satisfied but when it comes to plumbing we've tried so many different companies & not one has ever been able to come close to the service we received from Guardian! Thank you Ricky! This is one phone number I'am hanging onto! Excellent service!

    Gina M.
  • Guardian Plumbers is awesome! They have come out to work on the plumbing in my house on several occasions. They are always professional, clean, and punctual! Their prices are reasonable and they are super knowledgeable. I am a very happy customer!

    M. B.
  • About four months ago my kitchen sink was blocked. After 6 days of trying to take care of it myself, I admitted defeat. I called a couple plumbers and Guardian was the company that could get out to my house the quickest. So I went with them.I'm glad I did. The price was great and the service was even better!! I hope I never need a plumber again, but if I do, I will call Guardian Plumbers!!!

    Melissa H.
  • We can't say enough good things about Guardian Plumbers! We had a slab leak in our floor and wall right in the middle of the house. I found them late at night online and emailed them and they were at our house the next day. Matt and Ricky took the time to make sure they were confident it was truly a slab leak and once they were sure, gave us a couple of different options to repair it without any pressure whatsoever on us to choose the most expensive one. They recommended the water damage restoration co. that could come and clean up the mess and prep it for the repairs and once it was ready they got to work and were diligent to get everything done professionally and thoroughly with no games or tricks.

    Matt, the owner of Guardian, even facilitated our bathroom and floor remodel! He referred us to an excellent tiling company and drywaller but did all the rest of the demo and remodeling himself with just one of his employees. The bathroom looks beautiful and is way nicer than it was before and we are so happy with the results. Matt is very conscientious, honest, reliable, highly skilled and a true professional all the way. And his prices were very reasonable. He's also the quietest construction worker we've ever seen! Sometimes you hardly knew he was here even though he was working right in the middle of the house. We feel like we hit the jackpot with Matt and Guardian Plumbers. He's going to be our plumber for life, no more messing around with shysters.

    Valerie K.
  • GUARDIAN is not only A GREAT PLUMBING COMPANY WITH TREMENDOUS EXPERTISE AND INTEGRITY, but they're wonderful people too. Jesse, who was here today, was great -- kudos to you -- you have a client for life in me!

    Silvia L.
  • The air-activated switch to my garbage disposal went out. Howard from Guardian Plumbers was able to get the part and install it in no time. I love these guys. I have used them for years, have ALWAYS been totally satisfied with their work, their manner, their integrity. I only wish all service providers were as conscientious and nice as these guys!

    Silvia L.
  • We couldn't be happier with the service that we have received from Guardian Plumbers! We recently had a slab leak and Guardian Plumbers arrived promptly and provided competent, professional service to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. They went above and beyond to restore our water service. Over the last several years we have had the periodic need for a plumber and every time Guardian Plumbers has been a constant source of dependable service. We have been delighted with their service and will continue to turn to Guardian Plumbers for all of our future needs - we hope you will too!

    S. B.

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  • I purchased a Watts hot water recirculating pump. I would like to have it installed. The pump comes with one valve which we will have installed in our master bathroom, the furthest point in the house from the hot water heater. Please let me know the approximate cost to install the pump and valve. Thank you.

    George K

About Guardian Plumbers

Guardian Plumbers is here for all your commercial and residential plumbing repairs and installation needs. From leaking faucets or clogged drains to complete sewer cleanouts, we do it all! We are proud to provide service to the homes and business in the Vista area and surrounding areas.

We are fully licensed and insured to provide you with the best plumbing services. We are also family owned and operated company that uses environmentally friendly products, and stands behind our work with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Our customer's trust is important to us, so you can count of us for professional advice, top quality work and comprehensive service. We fix your plumbing problems right the first time with the most comprehensive service warranties and back our workmanship. We use the industry's most current technology and our technicians undergo advanced training. We're prepared to help you with any questions you may have or any situations you may encounter.

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